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About time

Who: Everybody!
What: The Stark Expositon
When: All week
Where: All over Rapture
Warnings? Not yet. There might be.

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Lazy log plz?

Who: Feliciano, Lovino, Ludwig
When: The day Lovino comes to Rapture
What: Feliciano is taking Lovino to his apartment
Where: Rapture and Feliciano & Ludwig's apartment
Warnings: Language, violence? That should be it.

He couldn't believe his brother had come to Rapture.Collapse )
Who: Lestat, Louis, and anyone who wants to join!
What: Miscellaneous celebrations~
Where: Eve's Garden
Warnings: Well, it is Mardi Gras... Some debauchery is very likely.

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Masquerade Ball is Here~!

Who: Everyone's invited!
What: Sander Cohen is holding his annual Valentine's Day Masquerade Ball!
Where: Arcadia~
Warnings: Oh... it's going to be all over the place, I'm sure. :D;;

put on your best mask~Collapse )

Open Log-- Retica and Anyone!

WHO: Retica and anyone!
WHEN: Right after he arrives in Rapture~
WHERE: outside the train station in Apollo Square
WHAT HAPPENS: Retica is a little distracted and slips up...

Multiple threads welcome!

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Who: Lestat and Toki
What: Lestat has offered to listen to Toki play and maybe give him a hand
Where: Fort Frolic
Warnings: Oh, maybe some language?

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Who: Edmond and Gojyo again...
What: Gojyo has decided that the Count needs to get out every once in a while.
Where: A fancy Indian food place
Warnings: Language, sexual suggestions. All 'cause of Gojyo...

Can't touch this, da nanana... da na... da na...Collapse )
Who: L and Mao [CLOSED]
What: L needs to talk to Mao and they need private times.
Where: L's apartment
Warnings: I'll go up to PG-13 but you never know :D;

can't read my poker faceCollapse )
Who: Linebeck & Link [CLOSED]
What: Linebeck goes to pick up his favorite money-maker
Where: Everywhere?
Warnings: Idk, rated R to be safe? Language maybe? Who knows.

We were lazy in doing this...Collapse )
Who: Edmond and Gojyo [CLOSED]
What: The Count shows his new employee around
Where: Edmond's place in Athena's Glory
Warnings: Well, Gojyo's in it, so... Language, sexual implications

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